How Can A Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaner be Your Game Changer

We had quite a serious issue with rain water collecting on our veranda, something that was exasperated by the unpredictability of the British weather. The frustration of mopping up the excess water on an almost daily basis was becoming tiresome, and a solution was needed, swiftly, to rectify the problem.

We embarked on a mission to research the very best cleaning equipment that could solve our current woes in an efficient manner. We knew we required a device that was suitable for both wet and dry cleaning, so spent all our free time searching for the right product online. This ultimately resulted in being a wet and dry vacuum cleaner, which sounded exactly the thing we needed.

wet and dry vacuum cleaners

One of the top results we found while searching was the Techni-Pros website, a page that had a dedicated section for high quality cleaning equipment for both industrial businesses and private shoppers. On that website we came across the MAXBLAST 60L Industrial Vacuum Cleaner, the description of which met our criteria almost exactly.

As the name suggests it supports a capacity of 60 litres, the perfect amount for the project we needed it for. It was lightweight, and easy to transport via the use of a full and secure handle bar and handy castor wheels. The motor on the product was coupled with a hygienic dual filter which could handle both wet and dry cleaning with ease. The specification also suggested that the equipment was suitable for the cleaning not only of hard floors, but also carpets, upholstery, curtains and rugs.

We were convinced pretty quickly that this was the product for us, so we placed our order with Techni-Pros, before 2pm to ensure we qualified for next day delivery.

The product arrived with us, in good time, exactly as described and on the day after ordering. We are thrilled to say it works like a dream, cleaning up the excess water from our veranda quickly, efficiently and without any hassle.

If you find yourself in a similar situation to us, in need of some cleaning equipment that you won’t necessarily find in your local DIY store, we highly recommend the Techni-Pros – Industrial Equipment Online in UK website. It was so easy to navigate, displayed all relevant information clearly and most importantly, they kept to their word, delivering the products on the day we requested, exactly as they were described on the website.

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