Roadmap Out Of Lockdown - How To Prepare Your Garden For Hosting Outdoor Socialising

     After spending the whole winter indoors due to cold weather and the peaked COVID-19 outbreak, the roadmap out of lockdown plan to lift limits and begin socialising again is welcome to many! It will soon be time to start leaving your isolated lifestyle and head outdoors for some fresh air, sunshine, and socialising. With the promise of the lockdown being lifted in time for better weather, you can begin preparing your outdoor space now to host spring and summer social events with family members, neighbours, and friends. If you want to have a perfect social-oriented outdoor space, there are some things you should consider first.

With that in mind, we are going to take a look at some ways to prepare your garden for hosting outdoor socialising:

Set Up All-Weather Garden Furniture- high quality weather-proof rattan garden furniture is the foundation of any outdoor space when considering hosting friends and family. Life is too short for furniture upkeep so make sure that your garden furniture is able to withstand intense sunlight and cold weather. Choose lightweight furniture pieces, so you can easily store them in garage or shed during winter or when you don’t use them. And speaking of your shed, why not add a Sage Green Double Wheelie Bin Storage to keep things tidy and out of sight?

Add An Outdoor Pizza Oven- Impress friends and family and cook effortlessly whilst outside socialising with an authentic pizza oven. With pre-made doughs, tomato sauce, cheese and other ingredients, your guests can even make their own pizzas. The best part is it takes just minutes! Add some stylish garden furniture and you have a café-like atmosphere!

Add Some Shade - if summer is long, hot and sunny in your area, you may want to set up a shaded area to let people cool down and have the option to sit out of the sun. Adding a pergola to your patio or decking will add style and comfort to your outdoor space. When combined with high-quality garden furniture, you can add style to your garden area.

Install A Sound System- high quality portable, waterproof speakers can make your outdoor parties a lot more exciting. There should be at least four speakers that surround the outdoor space. Ideally, you should consider choosing more rugged, wireless Bluetooth speakers, so it easier to set them up. You can connect them with laptops to play or stream your favourite music. Your sound system can be stored when not in use over the winter using our Greenhouse Water-Resistant Racking.

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