The Hygiene Technology Businesses are Using to Open up Safely During COVID

 Times have changed undeniably for many businesses surviving through 2020 and beyond. Particularly in the UK, the date when lockdown will be lifted, and businesses can return to somewhat normal proceedings is vague and so businesses up and down the country are preparing for all circumstances during this down-time. Whilst the onus has very much been on the individual during lockdown, post-lockdown the message is clear: businesses need to do all they can to protect themselves and the public. Fortunately, many hygiene technology manufacturers have risen to the challenge to create products that are easy to use and install. Let’s take a look at the hygiene technology businesses are using to open up safely during COVID.

Rapid Lateral Flow Covid Tests

A business needs to keep an eye on the health of their staff to ensure they are putting no one at risk. Most businesses are using rapid lateral flow COVID tests to quickly and effectively test their staff members and isolate those who pose any risks.

Transparent Virus Protection Barrier Screens

Customer service remains a priority despite these strange times relying on us to socially distance. Lots of businesses are still placing emphasis on making eye contact and communicating as clearly as possible with their customers despite distances and face masks. These transparent virus protection barrier screens allow face to face communication safely and are perfect for popping on people’s desks or cash registers.

Temperature Checks and Sanitiser at Entrance

Businesses can ask people to abide by the government’s guidance to stay at home if they show any signs or symptoms, but it is fast becoming obvious that a large proportion of people do not feel unwell or know they are carrying the virus. That’s why so many businesses are installing a temperature check and hand sanitiser station at the entrance of their premises to check people before they enter.

Better Cleaning and Janitorial Services

Businesses have always provided a clean and hospitable place for customers as a matter of importance but it is even more crucial during this pandemic which is why we have seen an increase in the cleaning supply sales and the sales of helpful cleaning technology such as surface cleaners, antiviral disinfectants and sprayer kits.



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