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Get a pizza-the-action!

Enjoy authentic stone baked pizzas - fun for all the family, and everyone can make it exactly how they like it whether it’s extra cheese, extra pepperoni or just extra everything! And remember if you don’t like pizza (which is very unlikely) this portable and versatile outdoor oven can be used as a BBQ or smoker too.

Great for baking bread, barbecuing meat, fish, veg – it will even work as a smoker for a tasty joint of pulled pork too!

Outdoor Pizza Oven & Barbecue

  • Includes FREE pizza cutter & pizza stone
  • Includes pizza peel Includes FREE waterproof rain cover
  • Powder coated body has a matte black finish for the ultimate modern look
  • Removable ash draw for easy cleaning after cooking
  • Stainless steel doors retain the heat as you BBQ, smoke & bake
  • Included fuel shelf holds charcoal to cook your food to perfection
  • Fully portable outside oven with two wheels and handle
  • Great for smoking, grilling, barbecuing and of course stone baking pizzas
  • Includes a pizza stone to give those pizzas an authentic stone baked base – up to 12 inch pizzas
  • Vents and chimney regulate the ovens heat for perfect cooking and smoking every time
  • Temperature gauge helps to monitor the internal temperature of this outdoor oven
  • Bottom storage shelf can be used for storing cooking utensils, plates or safety equipment
  • Included accessories hook attaches to the handle to hold cooking utensils handy


  • Dimensions: 156cm H x 64cm W x 43cm D
  • Fuel: Charcoal
  • Materials: Steel

Use your peel for perfect pizza!

Dust your pizza peel with semolina for a non stick surface and let it glide into the oven with ease!

  • Waterproof rain cover: when everyone's all pizza-ed out, the oven is cleaned and has completely cooled, just pull the included rain cover over it. This will extend the life of the oven and protect it from the elements to help prevent rust.
  • 12 inch pizza peel (you know like the Italians have in their pizzerias): puts your pizzas in the oven and helps to remove them safely

Pizza Peel Specifications

  • Materials: Stainless Steel Peel & Wooden Handle
  • Dimensions: 2.85cm H x 30.5cm W x 66.5cm L
  • Weight: 0.535kg
  • Rain Cover Dimensions: 165.5cm H x 103.5cm W
  • Rain Cover Material: PVC 40% and Polyester 60%