6 Cu Ft Lockable Grit Bin Winter Pack Techni Pros


Product Description This pack includes everything you need delivered directly to your door. The pack includes: 1x 6 Cu Ft lockable grit bin 100 kg of brown grit salt 1x Shovel 1x High visibility vest 1x pair of gloves The 6 Cu Ft grit bin is suitable for storing grit salt on both residential and commercial premises. The bin is manufactured from durable and UV resistant polyethylene and is available in a choice of colours including Sandstone and Stone Effect to look attractive in your garden or on your path, drive or business premises. The grit bin features an angled lid designed to minimise the amount of snow and ice settling on top of the bin and this ensures ease of use in winter weather. The angled lid also allows rain water to run off. To keep your grit salt safe and secure from theft, the bin is fitted with a 4” hasp and staple (padlock not supplied). An optional GRIT/SALT adhesive decal can be applied to the bin.