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Techni-Pros What is?
Who publishes Techni-Pros?
How to Contact Techni-Pros?

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How do I search for a product?
What is a product partner?
Can I buy all the products on the website?

Order on Techni-Pros
How to order on Techni-Pros?
Which payment methods are available on Techni-Pros?
I have a problem with my order, what to do

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How to create a quote in PDF format?
I printed my PDF estimate, how do I validate it?
How to contact your partners for a quote?

Techni-Pros What is?

Techni-Pros is a large shopping mall dedicated to professionals online. Our website with provide with references covering all products and services necessary for the operation of enterprises, businesses, and communities. Our website allows you to purchase products online, request a customized quote or to directly contact our supplier partners.

Who publishes the website Techni-Pros?

Techni-Pros.com is published by TECHNI-PROS LTD

How to Contact Techni-Pros?

You can contact Techni-Pros:
By phone: 020-8904-9823020-8904-9823
By email: contact@techni-pros.com
You can also write to the following address:

Techni-Pros Ltd
44 Pempath Place Wembley,
London, Middlesex HA9 8QW United Kingdom

How do I search for a product?

You can search for a product on our website in 2 ways:

  • Using our search engine at the top right of all pages
  • By browsing our specialized categories

What is a product partner?

To meet the needs of all professionals, Techni-Pros has enhanced its product catalogue with products provided by distributors or manufacturers partners. They will then directly get in touch with you within 48 hours of your request for quotes or information.

Can I buy all the products on the site?

All products available on the site can be ordered at Techni-Pros, either directly online, or on prior an estimate, with the exception of "Partner Products". For these products, requests for quotes or information are sent to our supplier partners, who will contact you within 48 hours maximum. These products are sold by these partners and they will deal directly with you.

How to order on Techni-Pros?

To order a product that is very simple:

  • Add your item to cart
  • Click "Finish your order"
  • Check that the contents suits you well
  • Click "Place Your Order"
  • Complete the delivery address (if you want to change to another address, check the appropriate box)
  • Choose your login
  • Choose your payment method
  • Your order is completed!

If in doubt, you can contact us at the number provided in the block "Need Intelligence?" present on the right column of all pages of our website.

Which payment methods available on Techni-Pros?

To facilitate your orders, we accept many forms of payment:

  • Credit Card
  • Paypal
  • Check
  • Transfer

I have a problem with my order, what to do?

For proper processing of your application, go to your account. Once you have logged in, click on the "My Orders" tab and click on the link "Contact us about this order." It'll just send us your request for that specific order.

How to create a quote in a PDF format?

You can if you want to generate your own quote for printing and scan it to us by email. These estimates are archived in your personal space. For this, after adding the product (s) (s) desired (s) click on "Request a Quote" on the basket page. After filling out the billing information to appear on the quote, you can download the direct print.

I printed my PDF estimate, how do I validate it?

You can send it by email to sales@techni-pros.com, after signing and coated your stamp and the words "Good for agreement".

How to contact your partners for a quote?

Next to the photo of the product, just click on the "Request" button. Then fill in the form as precisely as possible so that our partners can establish a personalized quotation.

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