4-x-28-hairpin-legs-2-prong-12mm-black Techni-Pros

SKU: 24180

Our SkiSki Legs find that perfect combination of quality and practicality like never seen before. We call them SkiSki Legs because they glide effortlessly - like skis on ice. This is due to the unique Ski-Glide technology which is completely exclusive to SkiSki Legs and not seen anywhere else on the market.

Creativity is limitless with our SkiSki Legs. Whether updating old furniture or starting a project from scratch, these sleek SkiSki Legs will fit the bill perfectly every time.

Smart Engineering

Big project, little project, we’ve got it covered; our hairpin legs come in a huge range of sizes, designs and finishes. We practically guarantee the only dilemma you’ll have is in deciding which ones to buy.

SkiSki Legs are one of the toughest and strongest hairpin legs available on the market, opening up a whole world of possibilities when it comes to creating beautiful furniture.

Product Features:

  • 4 x SkiSki Legs, strong, high-quality hairpin legs in a design and colour of your choice
  • 4 x SkiSki Legs Clip-on Protector Feet designed to protect your floors
  • 4 x Polymer discs, using ski-glide technology which allows the legs to glide effortlessly across floors, removing all friction. No other hairpin legs come with both feet protectors and polymer discs. SkiSki Legs gives you both
  • FREE Screw Pack, containing 16 x 20mm screws to use with the heavy duty base of the hairpin legs

This powder-coated finish in black adds a modern touch to any piece of furniture. The smooth matte finish not only looks silky, but it’s also more resistant to corrosion and fading and is guaranteed to last a long time.


  • Max Weight: 125kg
  • Finish: Power Coated Black
  • Prongs: 2
  • Leg Length: 28”
  • Steel Thickness: 12mm