900mm-diameter-p-a-s-industrial-safety-mirror Techni-Pros

SKU: 949

Product Description To prevent accidents on industrial sites where large vehicles are often present. Light and unalterable. Reinforced anti-UV treatment, unbreakable and shock resistant. Antistatic and anti-scratch treatment. P.A.S mirrors offer long term security. The white frame and reflectors ensure that the mirror is always spotted. Fitted with a rim to protect against rain. To view 2 directions. Viewing distance is approximately 25m 900mm Diameter - Mirror Size 1100mm Diameter - Frame Size P.A.S 5 Year Guarantee Supplied complete with bolts and brackets kit, adaptable for walls or posts of 60-90mm in diameter. The kit is robust and has been tested to withstand wind speeds of up to 183km/h. Easy to install, allowing precise adjustment of the position of the mirror. Adheres to EU directive CE 92/58. Weight – 11 kg Cleaning The Mirror Simply hose down the mirror without rubbing.