900mm Diameter Polymir Multi-Purpose Mirror Techni-Pros

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Product Description This mirror is ideal in terms of security and safety when usage has to be discreet yet effective. For use in warehouses, factories, high risk collision situations, stock surveillance, work station safety and direct observation of hidden parts of machinery etc, from a safe distance. Light and unalterable. Reinforced anti-UV treatment, unbreakable and shock resistant. To view 2 directions. Viewing distance is approximately 25m 900mm Diameter - Mirror Size Polymir 3 Year Guarantee Supplied complete with bolts and brackets kit, adaptable for walls or posts of 34-90mm in diameter. The kit is robust and has been tested to withstand wind speeds of up to 183km/h. Easy to install, allowing precise adjustment of the position of the mirror. Weight – 10 kg Cleaning The Mirror Simply hose down the mirror without rubbing.