a1200-closed-shop-counter-unit-internal-shelves Techni-Pros

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Retail Counter For Display & Storage You already know that white goes with everything, well so does maple, which is why it's extra handy that those are the two colours that the fabulous A1200 shop counter unit is available in. Our lilac white counters appear in certain light conditions lilac due to the the UV stabiliser, which prevents the surface deteriorating over time, makes the counter look slightly lilac; we quite like it! With its laminate finish and neutral colouring, the A1200 shop counter unit will look good in any retail environment, without upstaging your stock in the process. It's up to you where you place it, but wherever you put this shop counter it'll do wonders for your visual merchandising as well as having plenty of space to display things or to work on its large surface. By putting this shop counter next to the till, you can give customers an extra incentive to make added purchases before they leave by making your stock look extra appealing right before their eyes. It doesn't just look good either. There are also retail shelves at the back that give you some all important extra storage for any items you need immediate access to, but would like to stash away from customers, like carrier bags and extra till rolls. All our shop counters are designed to fit together so you can create an 'L', 'U' or 'O' shape using this counter and any of our other counter products. Whether you decide to use this shop counter at the point of sale or as a general retail display unit, it will provide a touch of class and professionalism to your store. Dimensions: This A1200 shop counter has the following measurements: Width: 1200mm Depth: 600mm Height: 900mm The shop counter unit will arrive flat packed and two people are required for lifting and assembly. Some counter units may have very minor aesthetic imperfections.