baking-tray-for-kukoo-baking-oven Techni-Pros

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Keep On Baking With A Replacement Baking Oven Tray Once you've bought it, we know you're going to be using your KuKoo electric convection baking oven to produce goodies all the time, which is great because that's what it's made for. Bearing that in mind, you're going to be needing this replacement baking tray at some point, so why not buy it with your oven to save some time. You can use it either as a replacement tray or as a spare, so you can really make the most of your baking oven and all of its four shelves. Specifications: The baking tray is made from easy to clean aluminium and is perfect for baking from home or commercial baking. It measures 44cm x 31.5cm and fits perfectly into the oven, with lots of room for holding all those fantastic treats you'll be making.