Brushed Aluminium Wall Mounted Cylindrical Cigarette Bin Techni-Pros


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Product Description Ideal for keeping designated smoking areas clear from cigarette ends, this bin is an elegant solution to keeping smoking areas clean and tidy. It offers a stylish, contemporary design that is suitable for restaurants, pubs, cafes, bars and public smoking areas. Features: Brushed aluminium Cylindrical, stylish design Supplied with rag bolts ‘Cigarette Disposal’ graphic Lockable It easily mounts onto flat walls with two rag bolts which are supplied, along with a cleaning brush and key. It is hinged at the bottom allowing the end to open so that the contents can be easily emptied and disposed. Cigarettes that are dropped into the bin are instantly extinguished upon impact with the bottom liner. Specifications: Height: 480mm Diameter: 80mm Construction material: brushed aluminium