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Forget the bowl full of shells or that tea cosy thing that goes over the loo roll, because this round countertop bathroom sink is all the decoration your bathroom needs. Upgrade Your Bathroom With A Stylish Sink The Niagara bathroom sink is a satisfyingly circular modern, white ceramic wash basin perfect for a bathroom or cloakroom. Mount the ceramic bowl on a counter top or slot it into a surface to give the room a classic but modern finish. Not only does the round shape look about as sexy as a bathroom sink can possibly look, but it also means you've got even more flexibility when it comes to positioning the overflow hole and the FREE long tap fixture, giving you the opportunity to place them wherever you fancy. Installing This Bathroom Sink Couldn't Be Easier Surely something this pretty must be a pain to install, you're thinking. But no - because there's a pre-punched overflow hole in the round wash basin, there's no need for any manual drilling, which can cause damage to the white bowl (and would be a tragedy). The pop up strainer plug fits perfectly into the bathroom sink plug hole and comes in with a modern chrome finish which is befitting of such a beautiful thing. Just push the plug in to seal the sink and push to pop the plug out again when draining the countertop sink. The long necked cylindrical shaped chrome tap looks great with the round bathroom sink, and has a single swivel mixer lever with a height of 30.2cm and a diameter of 5.1cm. All our ceramic bathroom sinks are handmade using traditional methods, meaning each sink is special and unique and may show minor differences to the proposed dimensions and photographs. Round Countertop Bathroom Sink Features Hard wearing and eye-catching ceramic cloakroom, en-suite or bathroom sink Easy to clean round bowl with gorgeous white gloss finish Pre-punched hole for a tap makes this sink so easy to install FREE pop-up strainer plug in chrome FREE long tap Dimensions: Diameter 40.3cm Height: 17cm Plug hole diameter: 47mm