Cycle Hoop Racks Techni-Pros


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Product Description Our simple yet effective Cycle Hoop Racks are designed to either be used in conjunction with our range of shelters, or alone as a free-standing bike rack. Each hoop can secure two cycles, so the racks can accommodate either 4 or 6 cycles, depending on the model chosen. As the cycle hoops on these bike racks are connected by floor runners, they are easier to secure to the ground that individual hoops. Features: Constructed from 50mm diameter tubular steel. Easily bolts to the ground. No assembly required. Powder coated light grey in Germ Guard paint. For use as a free-standing rack or alongside any of our shelters. Store 4 - 6 bikes Manufactured in the UK Dimensions: 4 Bike rack - 810H X 930W X 470D 6 Bike rack - 810H X 1710W X 470D Germ Guard Active Technology: All of our standard bike racks are powder coated with Germ Guard Active Technology in a range of RAL colours. Germ Guard is an anti-bacterial finish which provides protection against harmful bacteria as it contains chemical properties which prevent bacteria from infecting and reproducing on the surface or product. Germs which may already be present on hands when using the bike racks are attracted to the germ guard coating and are eventually destroyed, effectively reducing the risk of infection from highly touched surfaces. This makes our bike racks ideal for schools and other educational environments where a high number of people are in contact with the rack. The Benefits of Cycling: Installing a bike rack on school playgrounds, business premises or office car parks can lead to a host of benefits for students, employees and colleagues alike. Numerous studies have shown that cycling can reduce stress and improve sleep patterns, whilst also improving cardio-vascular and aerobic fitness, lowering blood pressure and boosting energy levels. Our range of shelters, cycle stands and bike racks help to encourage cycling to work or school and make storing multiple bicycles a stress-free task.