Desk Top Mini Battery Recycling Bin - 3 Litre Techni-Pros


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Product Description This mini battery recycling bin features a purple lid and battery graphic which helps the bin to be easily identified. Its shape and size make it ideal for mounting on a shelf or desk. It is commonly used in supermarkets, shops and offices. Features: Purple lid 3-litre capacity Screw top lid Semi-translucent body and handle Internal use Constructed from polypropylene, this bin is designed with a handle at the top for easy lifting. The body of the bin is semi-translucent to make ease of monitoring the contents. Batteries are deposited in through a small twist-off lid within the lid. To empty the bin, twist the full purple lid until it comes off. The screw-top lid also ensures the contents remain secure should the bin fall or get moved. Specifications: Height: 275mm Diameter: 202mm Capacity: 3 litres Construction material: polypropylene