Eco Recycled Hooded Top Litter Bin - 90 Litre - Techni-Pros


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The Eco Recycled Hooded Top Litter Bin is a premium bin manufactured from 100% recycled plastic polyethylene. This is one of the first bins to combine an environmentally friendly manufacturing process with a classic Victoriana style design. It’s a popular choice in the UK, as it compliments similarly styled street furniture commonly used across the country.

The 90 litre capacity bin is designed with chamfered edges to ensure the rubbish is directed into the liner with no overspill between the liner and outer case. The liners are easily removable to provide ease in both emptying the contents and providing access for cleaning the area inside of the bin as and when required.

Manufactured from tough and durable, UV resistant Polyethylene, it is ideally suited to both indoor and outdoor use as it requires very little maintenance. When placed outdoors, the hooded lid protects the bin contents from the elements. The bin is guaranteed not to fade in colour for up to 10 years. Suitable for use in a wide variety of environments, from historical villages to urban footpaths. It is commonly used by councils, schools, colleges, universities, leisure centres and retail centres.

Supplied as standard in black with a decorative gold band around the circumference of the bin. Continuing the theme are gold “LITTER” and “tidy man” graphics.

As an optional extra the bin can be purchased with a choice of either a plastic or galvanised metal liner. It can also be supplied with a ground fixing kit and bolts to enable the bin to be securely fixed to the ground.

The ground fixing kit is an easy to fit mechanism consisting of a galvanised metal cross with four bolt holes incorporated. Simply drill four corresponding holes into the bottom of the bin and into the floor and secure with four rawl bolts which are supplied as part of the kit.

The optional lock and key features “a one key fits all” mechanism which is ideal when emptying numerous bins.