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This electrostatic powder coating machine has a large 45L powder capacity, which means it’s great for big projects. The T-Mech machine is fully portable, has an easy to navigate control panel and comes with a 12 month electrical warranty! Powder coating is used to create a durable and high quality finish, which is great for tough machinery! Power coated products are more resistant to corrosion, fading and chipping so when done correctly it should last a very long time. Powder coating is a dry finishing process using powder particles that are electrostatically charged and sprayed onto grounded metal work. After the coating is applied, you need to cure the parts using a powder coating curing oven. Powder coating machines are used in a range of industries including auto parts, medical equipment, home appliances and much more! Powder Coating Machine Product features: Easy to navigate control panel Includes 1 spray gun Comes on wheels making it fully portable 12 month electrical warranty CE Approved Dimensions: 74cm (H) x 65cm (W) x 50cm (D) Free next working day UK mainland delivery Specifications: Input Power Voltage: 220V – 230V AC Frequency: 50Hz-60Hz Input Power: 40W Electromagnetic valve control power voltage: 24V DC Input Air Pressure: 0-0.6Mpa Output Air Pressure: 0-0.5Mpa Max. Air Consumption: 13.2m3/h Output Powder Volume: Max. 600g/min Output Powder Voltage: 0-100KV Output Current: 0-150uA Powder Hopper Volume: 45L Electrical data Nominal input voltage: 200-240V Rated output voltage (to gun): 24V Rated output current (to gun): 1.2A Protection type: IP54 Temperature range: 0 °C -+40 °C (+32 °F - +104 °F) Solenoid Valve Voltage: DC24V Gun output voltage: 0-100KV Gun output current: 0-150uA Pneumatical data Max.input pressure: 0.8Mpa Min.input pressure: 0.5Mpa Output pressure: 0.8Mpa Max.water vapour content of the compressed air: 1.3g/m3 Max.oil vapour content of the compressed air: 0.1mg/m3 Max.compressed air consumption: 13.2m/h?0.4MPa) Gun Parameter Input: 24V Voltage Frequency: Around 25KHZ Input Current: 1.2A Output Voltage: 0~100KV DC Max.Output powder volume?Around 600G/MIN Gun cable: 6M Gun weight: 460G Container Capacity: 45L Operating Instructions Powder coating should be undertaken by an experienced and competent person. This is in no way an exhaustive and complete guide of how to Powder Coat/Cure. You should wear a Tyvek suit/coveralls and gloves to protect your hands and skin. Eye protection and a dust mask should be worn at all times. Clean the base metal thoroughly and remove any rust or debris from the metal Use a high temperature masking tape on the parts you don’t want to be powder coated, this can be left on whilst in the oven but needs to be removed quickly afterwards Turn on the power supply switch and the indicator light should come on Adjust the voltage to what is required using the dials on the control panel Place powder into feeding barrel Press the switch of spray gun and adjust to high voltage Apply powder using spray gun After applying the powder, be careful not to brush or blow on the powder coat as the powder could fall off and leave you with a less precise finish Cure the metal using a powder coating curing oven, normally the object is heated to 175 to 190°C (350 to 375°F) for about 10 to 15 minutes, and allowed to cool