kukoo-90kg-hog-roast-machine Techni-Pros

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Please note this item can take up to 2 working days to dispatch Barbecue & rotisserie meat on a commercial scale Slow roasting gives you the tenderest meat that just falls away from the bone, that’s easy enough cooking in your kitchen oven for the family - but how can it work on a bigger scale serving hundreds of hungry customers? You’re gonna need a KuKoo 90kg Hog Roast Machine – these bad boys can hold up to 90kg of meat whilst turning it smoothly and slowly over hot coals for a proper juicy roast. Perfect for catering at food festivals, weddings and birthdays – or even just showing off in your back garden! The succulent meat you’ll get from roasting pig, lamb, beef (and much more) will keep everyone coming back again and again. What’s so great about a spit roast machine? This commercial sized hog roast machine is made from strong & hygienic stainless steel which… … can hold up to 90 kilograms of meat! Slow roast pork, beef, lamb and more (yummy) Light a charcoal fire in the stainless steel trough and let the hot coals cook your meat to perfection 30W motor turns the meat over the coals which means hands free cooking The included windshield keeps the heat in for a perfect roast Whilst the grill top keeps food warm during service Adjustable spit height Hygienic & easy to clean 12 month electrical warranty So if you’re catering at a big event or need something to make your guests go WOW – then this rotisserie barbecue is perfect for you. The integration of the 30W motor onto the strong stainless steel construction lets this hog roast machine spit roast up to 90kg of meat, giving you plenty of meat for all those guests. So what’s it gonna be? Roast lamb with mint sauce or crispy pork & apple sauce – make sure to send us pictures of your hog roast machine! Specifications Power: 30W Fuel: Charcoal Width (inc.motor): 161cm Width (ex.motor): 137cm Depth: 56cm Height: 92cm Spit Rotisserie Length: 120cm Spit Rotisserie Diameter: 2.5cm Adjustable Spit Rotisserie Heights: 12cm, 24cm & 36cm Barbecue Grill Area: 124cm W x 50cm D Weight: 38kg Plug: 13A, 3 Pin UK Plug