marsden-printer-for-bmi-body-composition-scales Techni-Pros

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Please note this item may take a little longer to dispatch (no longer than 3 working days) Instantly Print Scales Readings There are times when data on a screen just won't cut it, and you need a solid printout that you can hold in your hand and examine in black and white, or give to a patient to take away with them. For times like these, owners of the MS-M-100 BMI body composition scales need this thermal dot printer. It's high resolution, with a few clever options for presenting and printing your data to choose from. Your choices include date, time, weight, height and BMI. If you're a paper person, this is great for recording notes, and if you need to give a copy to your patients for their records you can do that too. MS-M-100 BMI Scales Printer Features High resolution: 8 dots/mm Maximum print width: 48mm Print speed: 75mm/sec Print date, time, weight, height and BMI