marsden-rucksack-for-baby-toddler-infant-scales Techni-Pros

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Please note this item may take a little longer to dispatch (no longer than 3 working days) Transport Your Marsden Scales It's so unassumingly stylish that nobody would ever guess that the contents of this rucksack aren't your everyday bits and pieces. You might even get some enquiries about where you got it, because it's such a fetching green and black design. But this is no ordinary rucksack, because this is the rucksack you need if you're transporting baby weighing scales, toddler scales and infant scales from Marsden. The cushioned shoulder straps will make carrying the scales so comfortable you'll forget what you've got on your back, whilst the well padded interior will keep the scales safe from the bumps and scrapes of any journey. Specifications: The dimensions of this rucksack is 36cm (w) x 60cm (h) x 15cm (d)