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Metallic t-shirt vinyl designs are the best - they're eye-catching and stylish at the same time, and will make your company branding and team logos look extra edgy. This metallic t-shirt vinyl is available in 3 colours and each roll measures a hefty 5 metres x 0.5 metres, giving you plenty to work with. With this bundle you can choose any 6 rolls of metallic t-shirt vinyl with 10% off the regular price - that's a lot of shiny for not a lot of cash. Create shining designs using this expensive looking vinyl, and print them onto t-shirts as well as most fabrics and garments. Metallic T-Shirt Vinyl Features 6 rolls measuring 5 metres x 0.5 metres Choose from 3 equally brilliant colours, see the swatch image above Weeding friendly: Easy to weed, prepare and apply Cold peel Soft feel Ideal for multi layering Ethical: Oeko-Tex approved, so your conscience is clear Application Materials: Cotton, polycotton and polyester Temperature: 165ºC Time: 15sec Pressure: 3.5 bar Washing 40ºC This metallic t-shirt and garment vinyl is for anyone and everyone who demands the best from their equipment. It improves the whole process in terms of speed and cost, not to mention the results, which are over and above what you would get from other standard vinyl. It looks great on all clothing and fabrics whether it's sport, fashion, work, safety, cotton, poly-cotton or polyester - they'll all look fabulous. Save Time With This Metallic T-Shirt Vinyl Get more done in less time by using this metallic garment vinyl; you can cut out some time-consuming stages that you'd usually need to go through when using other types of vinyl, like using a carrier film. Other basic vinyl will require you to roll a carrier film over the design before the backing is peeled, and then you'd need to peel it off after the vinyl has been pressed, which adds unnecessary cost and time to the whole vinyl pressing process. Metallic Garment Vinyl Process 1. Cut and weed design > 2. Place on garment > 3. Press > 4. Wait for garment to cool > 5. Remove backing Basic Vinyl Process 1. Cut and weed design > 2. Place carrier film onto design > 3. Roll carrier film on to remove bubbles and creases > 4. Turn design over > 5. Remove backing > 6. Place on garment > 7. Position > 8. Press > 9. Wait for garment to cool > 10. Remove carrier film