monster-racking-t-rax-strong-storage-shelves-blue-120cm-w-45cm-d Techni-Pros

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Strong & Versatile Garage Racking Step aside, bookshelves and spice racks, because in this life there are shelves, and then there are SHELVES. These Monster Racking T-Rax storage shelves are most definitely the latter. They can handle a phenomenal 280kg per shelf, making them ideal for the kind of serious stacking you'll need from your storage shelving in a garage or workshop. But being this strong doesn't mean they're not flexible too - you can change the shelf heights, and also rearrange them either as one single or two separate units depending on your needs. All without losing the massive lifting power these storage shelves give you. Neither does being this strong mean they can't look good at the same time. Covered in four durable layers of paint in a classic blue, we've made sure your storage shelves are as pretty as they are muscly. Being boltless, these T-Rax storage shelves can be put together in no time at all, and with a minimum of hassle. All you need is a rubber mallet and you're good to go. No rubber mallet? No problem! We've included one FREE with the shelves (when 3 or more are bought). Make it the newest addition to your toolbox and wonder how you ever got this far in life without a rubber mallet. 120cm Wide Storage Shelving Bay Features Each shelving unit measures 120cm (w) x 180cm (h) x 45cm (d) Strong storage shelves with five shelves per bay that's a whole lotta shelf Split your shelving into two halves, effectively creating two superb workbenches especially helpful if you're Feng Shuiing your garage Solid MDF boards (not chipboard) for all shelves ready to cope with anything Moulded feet providing extra sturdiness, very important considering all that stuff you're going to make them carry Massive weight tolerance of 280kg per shelf (for evenly distributed weights) Easy to assemble with no bolts required, all you need is your.... ... FREE rubber mallet. Then please feel free to keep it. You're very welcome. Adjustable shelf heights so you can customise your units for whatever you want to store Thick heavy duty steel with a powder coated blue finish