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Trolley For Engine Transportation Until there's a whole separate miniature form of transport designed just to carry your outboard motor engine to its destination, you're going to have to shift it in a slightly more manual way, but without doing yourself or your motor a mischief. This heavy duty outboard motor engine trolley is the best solution you'll find. It's easy to use, folds down for storage, and it can support a massive 100kg of engine, which is more than most trolleys can even dream of being able to cope with. Shift long and short shaft motors on the trolley, because it can handle both with ease, which means you can too. Foldable and easy to store and transport, the outboard motor engine trolley is ideal for storing motors in workshops and for keeping them in place during maintenance. Specifications The outboard motor trolley has a pine support board and a strong frame made from 28mm steel tubes, as well as rubber caps, rubber wheels and moulded grips. The frame, support board and finishing's are all EDC treated, so your trolley will last and will be helping you to shift that motor for a long time to come.