pixmax-silcone-mug-clamp-for-3d-sublimating Techni-Pros

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3D Sublimation For Personalised Mugs There are four key ingredients to creating the best ever printed mug. The first one is, of course, your awesome design. But the others are heat, time, and pressure. That last one is where the PixMax 11oz silicone mug clamp comes in. It's been made for use with the PixMax 3D sublimation heat press machine, and makes sure your sublimation ink transfers from the sublimation paper onto the mug without looking faded, uneven or blurry. Use this silicone mug clamp over and over again to transfer designs onto 11oz mugs, using consistent force to keep your designs looking strong, sharp and fresh. The clamp pulls the silicone tight across the surface of your mug and applies the force needed to sublimate the design onto the polymer coating of the mug. We'd recommend using the silicone fixtures to apply the right amount of force to each individual mug, just to make sure that all designs are sublimated evenly. With the ability to hold up to 12 x 11oz mugs in the 3D heat press, our quality mug fixtures may be purchased as extra or spare parts and can be re-used over and over and over and over and over etc. Silicone Mug Clamp Dimensions 23.5cm wide x 10.5cm long