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SKU: 9110
by PixMax
Get ahead by printing your own caps with the PixMax Sublimation Cap Heat Press Machine
The humble baseball cap is many things to many people. It keeps your head warm, it shelters your eyes from the sun (or, if you live in Britain, the rain), it’s a fashion item, and it’s a statement as well, depending on what you have printed on it.
We can help with that last bit, by giving you the means to print your own baseball caps from the comfort of your home or workshop.
One hat, so many possibilities
The PixMax cap heat press from Monster Doodles lets you print your personalised designs onto caps for fashion, marketing or a special occasions, limited only by your own imagination and design flair.
Make sure every attendee at your promotional event, stag party, sports event or family holiday is automatically and immediately recogniseable and affiliated with the rest of your group with the addition of a single bit of headgear that is completely unique to your cause.
An easy-to-use, Professional Press
With a temperature range of 200°f - 430°f, a timer range of 0-999 seconds, a pressure adjustable handle and a teflon-coated heat pad, the cap heat press is versatile enough to suit a range of caps and designs, and still give you a perfect and even print every time.
The cap heat press can print onto the side, front and peak of the cap if you like, so that your handiwork can be seen from all angles
A sturdy body and rubber feet make the cap heat press safe and stable on any flat surface without fear of slipping, and the top swings away when needed so you can get full access to the press surface.
It takes just a few minutes to press each cap, so you can have a whole football team, office or class equipped in no time at all.
Plus we’ll even give you a free 10-sheet pack of sublimation paper to get you started right away.
Key Features:
• PixMax™ Cap Press for pressing your caps
• Compact design and easily portable so you can take it with you everywhere, which you’ll want to do
• Pressure Adjustable
• Easy to use control interface that any amateur cap presser can handle
• A fantastic 0-430 F temperature range
• Time range of 0-999 seconds
• Teflon coated press surface
• Free 10 sheet pack of Sublimation paper to get you going straight away