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Test Out Your Vinyl Designs Hit the ground running (or 'pressing') with this must-have starter kit for new vinyl pressing enthusiasts. The Presstige vinyl pressing bundle from PixMax contains everything you need to get started with your pressing, including 3 rolls of Monster Flex Vinyl, 4 100% cotton vinyl pressing t shirts, 2 polyester t-shirts with moisture wicking fabric which is ideal for vinyl pressing, 2 caps and a Teflon sheet. The 3 rolls of quality Monster Flex Vinyl that are included with the Presstige Bundle are just waiting for your awesome designs. You can create them much quicker and at much better value if with your Monster Flex Vinyl than you would be able to with any other basic vinyl too. Helpfully, your Monster Flex Vinyl has a tacky backing, making it loads easier to place onto a garment, and better for creating multi-layering detailed designs. You can vinyl press onto cotton, polycotton and polyester with your Monster Flex Vinyl. After your vinyl pressing is done, you can just hot peel the backing from the vinyl, and your vinyl is then washable up to 60 degrees. PRESStige Vinyl Pressing Bundle Features 2 x polyester t-shirts with moisture wicking fabric, which are ideal for sublimation. 1L Jet Black and 1L Arctic White. 4 x 100% cotton vinyl pressing T-shirts. 1M & 1L in white and 1M & 1L in black 1 metre Monster Flex Vinyl white (500mm wide) 1 metre Monster Flex Vinyl black (500mm wide) 1 metre Monster Flex Vinyl hot pink (500mm wide) 2 x white vinyl pressing caps 1 x Teflon sheet (48cm x 58cm)