province-safety-railing Techni-Pros


Product Description The Province Railing is designed to separate pedestrians from vehicular traffic and features an elegant design that will look attractive in any location. Choose from three designs – Simple cross, rosette or mesh Available in two lengths – 1072 or 1572mm Manufactured from mild steel, zinc coated in a choice of colours Choice of decorative cast aluminium top caps This railing is designed to be concreted directly in to the ground, however it can be made removable by using the optional Lockbloc socket system. The socket provides total stability and security and can be locked and unlocked using an 11mm triangle key. A static galvanised central boss sits flush with the ground to ensure there is no trip hazard when the railing is removed. The railing remains perfectly stable when set into a socket 100% galvanised for complete corrosion protection Drains naturally through sub surface gravel A reservoir allows for the accumulation of sand and gravel The lock is protected by a black lacquered flap 180mm of the railing sits inside the socket to ensure a constant height