solar-maple-shop-counter-retail-display-set Techni-Pros

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A shining example of beautiful retail display, we're proud to introduce the Solar front of house and shop counter display unit.

You're one purchase away from an instantly more professional and inviting retail space, as well as some perfect display and storage space, with the Solar unit.

It's been designed to fit in with any decor, thanks to its contemporary and versatile finish with long-lasting, laminate, maple coloured wood effect.

Enhance any setting with this unit either as a single item or as three individual, standalone units.

Solar Shop Counter Units


The C1200 is ideal for showcasing products to customers thanks to its large viewing area with glass panels to the upper half at the front, as well as on top. It has a removable toughened glass shelf meaning that even more products can be displayed, while the bottom half at the back is open so you can store things in it for your convenience too.

  • Dimensions: 90cm high x 120cm wide x 60cm deep
  • Colour: Maple


The K1200 shop counter is secure and lockable, and has a full length glass display panel to the front as well as a viewing panel to the top to keep your products as temptingly visible as they are safe. A wide range of products can be displayed across the two strong removable glass shelves. Access to the display area is from the rear via sliding lockable doors.

  • Dimensions: 90cm high x 120cm wide x 60cm deep
  • Colour: Maple


The closed CM60 counter is a curved retail display unit with storage shelve at the back. It's designed to connect any combination of the A1200, B1200, C1200 or K1200 counters together to create a large L shaped counter set but can also be used as a standalone unit.

  • Dimensions: 90cm high x 60cm wide x 60cm deep
  • Colour: Maple

All the above counter units are designed to fit together and can create an 'L', 'U' or 'O' shaped counter set.

Please note: Counters will arrive flat packed and two people are required for lifting and assembly, so do rope in a friend or colleague to help. Some counter units may have minor aesthetic imperfections that make them all unique.