Stainless Steel Soft Touch Waste Bin - 60 Litre Techni-Pros


Uk Mainland Delievery:£9.99

Delivery:3-5 working days

Product Description Manufactured in the UK, this waste bin is suitable for use in kitchens, cafeterias and public buildings. It features a sleek and elegant circular design and is available with a stainless steel body and plastic lid. Features: 60-litre capacity Bag-retention ring Attractive design Removable liner Stainless steel Plastic lift-off lid Soft-touch opening lid The lid features an indentation at the base of the opening for easy identification of where to press for the opening. It responds to a gentle press meaning great force is not required to open the bin. The lid itself lifts off to allow access the body and is manufactured from plastic. The closed lid prevents odours from escaping the bin, encouraging hygiene. The body is fitted with a bag-retention ring to ensure that plastic bags do not slip and create unnecessary mess. Stainless steel is resistant to rust and corrosion and provides minimal maintenance. Specifications: Height: 750mm Diameter: 360mm Capacity: 60 litres Construction material: stainless steel & plastic