t-mech-3-in-1-shear-brake-roll-metalwork-machine Techni-Pros

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Please note item can take up to two working days to be dispatched. The 3 in 1 Shear Brake & Roll from T-Mech is a multi-function, hand operated machine that allows you to bend, cut & shape mild steel sheet metal. With a capacity of 12 inches wide, this versatile machine will save important space in your workshop, whilst forming metal to your requirements. Shear Brake & Roll Machine Features Cast iron frame can be mounted to your workbench to provide a robust & sturdy machine Arrives fully assembled Dual edge & reversible shear blade Designed for precise braking, shearing & rolling cones, rings & tubes Includes 2 x hex key bolts & 2 x hex key wrenches Capacity: 12 inches wide / 20 gauge (1mm) thick Roller: 1 – ½ inch (38mm) Minimum roll diameter: 38mm I.D. Die set sizes: 1 x 4 inch, 1 x 3 inch, 2 x 2 inch and 1 x 1 inch Dimensions: 54cm H x 28cm W x 37cm D Weight: 45kg Mount this combination machine onto a solid workbench before adjusting the required attachments for the following uses: pressing, braking, shearing, rolling sheet metal, wire & rings The slip roller dies are coated at the factory with a protector, to ensure correct fit and operation we advise to remove this coating before the first use.