t-mech-4w-uv-banknote-fraud-detection-light Techni-Pros

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Keep On The Lookout For Counterfeit Notes In business, you should sometimes take risks. But that never ever applies to potentially taking fraudulent money, just because you don't have any reliable way of checking it. That's a risk that is never worth the financial or reputational consequences. Thankfully, with the T-Mech 4w ultraviolet banknote fraud detection light, you can avoid taking that one particular risk altogether. It's the perfect tool for detecting counterfeit money straight away, in all currencies and denominations, as well as the authenticity of credit, debit cards and ID cards. The ultraviolet light displays fluorescent marks used on official documents like driving licenses and passports to protect you from illegal activities and to provide you with peace of mind. It's so speedy and easy to use that you can incorporate it into your point of sale process at even the busiest retail stores, pubs, clubs, arcades, schools, community centres, restaurants or anywhere else a payment and official document fraud detecting solution could save you time and hassle. With this ultraviolet banknote fraud detection light you could check every note you take, and ID you check, and then simply refuse to accept the notes or ID's that don't pass the check. As soon as you do this, you immediately stop yourself from becoming the victim of crime, or even accidentally committing a crime yourself. The lightweight T-Mech ultraviolet banknote fraud detection light comes with two spare bulbs and - just to make you extra extra safe - a FREE counterfeit money fraud detection pen. 4w UV Fraud Banknote Detection Bulb Sturdy lightweight casing for portability and protection 2 x spare 4w UV bulbs which are really easy to change Fraud detection for all currencies, denominations, credit cards, debit cards and other marked official documents Reliable and simple to use FREE counterfeit money fraud detection pen CE certified