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Hands Free Money Counting

If you're telling us that you don't think feeding coins into a brilliantly fast and efficient automatic coin counting machine sounds like fun, then you're lying.

Not only is it fun, but the T-Mech electronic coin counting machine can take up to 500 mixed coins at once. The machine feeds the coins through evenly without jamming, and sorts them at an incredible speed of 270 coins per minute, saving you time and therefore money (because time IS money).

It works completely unsupervised, so you can just load it up and get on with other things, and when you return you know you'll have a load of accurately sorted and counted coins waiting for you. As if this weren't enough, the T-Mech electronic coin counting machine also has a batch function for each denomination, so all you need to do is fill it up, select the right function, bag up the coins at the end, and then deliver them to the bank.

User-friendly, with a clear 4-digit LED display, the coin counting machine is as easy to navigate as it is to transport. Built to last, but light enough to carry, it can be taken anywhere you need to count coins in a hurry - shops, schools, pubs, clubs, restaurants, arcades, bookmakers and casinos, to name just a few.

When you buy the T-Mech electronic coin counting machine, you get a FREE fake note detection pen, a 12 month electrical warranty and these great features:

Coin Counting Machine Features

  • High quality sorting disk and feeder Intuitive interface with clear
  • 4 digit LED display 8 plastic compartments for different denominations
  • Counts and sorts mixed GBP (coins) into denominations and separates into plastic compartments
  • Displays the total value counted plus the total per denomination
  • Batch counting option. Pre-set the batch quantity per denomination and the T-Mech coin counting machine will automatically stop at the desired amount which can then be bagged ready for depositing
  • The add function combines totals so large amounts of coins can be quickly and accurately processed
  • Memorises batch settings even when the unit has been turned off
  • Automatic coin feeder prevents jamming and stops the machine when the hopper is empty
  • FREE UV fake note detection pen
  • 12 month electrical warranty

Please note this item is not compatible with the new GBP £1.00 coins, £5.00 and £10.00 notes.