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Drill clean and accurate holes with this precision diamond core drill. This versatile tool can be used on concrete as well as a wide range of other surfaces including brick and masonry.

Ideal for professional use, this is the tool for any building or civil engineering project. It is the perfect piece of kit built with safety in mind, from the soft start to the mechanical slipping clutch. It also comes with FREE ear defenders, gloves and safety glasses, meaning you can focus on drilling.

With 3 speeds, this powerful machine can be set to 400, 800 or 1200rpm, meaning you can have complete control. As well as the drill, a steel welded rig is included, which allows drilling to your desired angle and depth with ease by adjusting the rig.

Product Features

  • The rig can be adjusted up to 45° for drilling both obtuse and acute angles.
  • FREE PPE included: ear defenders, gloves and safety glasses.
  • FREE tool kit for assembly.
  • 3 FREE anchor bolts to connect your drill to the concrete.
  • 2 FREE additional brushes.
  • Choose between 3 different speeds 400, 800 or 1200 rpm.
  • The rig has a mounted 50mm motor plate and 50mm spacer block.
  • Steel welded base and attached kickstand on the rig. 45 degree adjustable rig column with steel teeth.
  • Suitable for making core holes in concrete, brick or masonry.
  • Brand: T-Mech.


  • Drill: Plug: Industrial 3 pin male plug.
  • 3 speeds: 400, 800 & 1200rpm.
  • Input power: 3300W.
  • Voltage: 220V.
  • Max. diameter: 420mm.
  • Spindle thread: 1 ¼ - 7UNC (M).
  • NO load speed: 20V, 50HZ / 110V, 60HZ.
  • Length: 640mm / 64cm / 25.20".
  • Depth: 145mm / 14.5cm / 5.71".
  • Width: 175mm / 17.cm / 6.89".
  • Rig: Max. diameter concrete: 452mm.
  • Column: 70 x 70 x 1000mm.
  • Travel length: 650mm.
  • Length: 1150mm / 115cm / 45.28".
  • Depth: 640mm / 64cm / 25.20".
  • Width: 360mm / 36cm / 14.17".