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Having trouble containing your animals? In need of a powerful, effective and reliable fence energiser? Well, look no further.

The T-Mech Electric Fence Energiser has an almighty 10,000v peak voltage, an impressive pulse energy of 1.0Joules and an average current of 50mA to contain even the most mischievous of animals. With a monstrous 10 kilometre (6 mile) peak range, the T-Mech Fence Energiser is well-equipped to cover large fields comfortably, or use a multi-wire system for stronger protection.

With earth stakes supplied, strip grazing has never been easier or quicker. Easy to install and wall- and fence-mountable, the T-Mech Electric Fence Energiser is even waterproof to IPX6 standards and has built-in lightning protection, so you don’t have to worry about unsafe animal confinement again. Suitable for a vast array of animals including poultry, cattle, sheep, pigs, horses, deer and much, much more.

This energiser must be powered by any 12V car or leisure battery. This is not included.

Product Features

  • Powerful 10,000V, 1.0J Electric Fence Energiser
  • Covers up to 10KM (6 miles), max. current of 2000mA
  • Comes with battery wire, earth stakes, earth and fence wire
  • Ideal for poultry, cattle, horses, sheep, pigs and more


  • Power Source: 12V Leisure or car battery
  • Peak Voltage: 10,000 volts
  • Average current: 50mA
  • Maximum current: 2000mA
  • Pulse Energy: 1.0 Joules
  • Output Energy: 0.78 Joules
  • Power Range (single wire): 10 KM (6 miles)
  • Water-resistant up to IPX6
  • Dimensions: 187mm (H) x 114mm (W) x 53mm (D)