t-mech-powder-coating-curing-oven Techni-Pros

SKU: 24246
by T-Mech

This T-Mech Powder Coating Oven is used in the curing process of the powder coating items. After cleaning and spraying the desired items, simply place them inside the oven. The consistency of the heat reacts with the powder particles to achieve a perfectly-coated finish. But it’s not just about how it looks; curing results in tough and durable products, able to last a very long time. As this T-Mech Curing Oven is electric, it’s also considered safer than many other non-electric ovens. With four shelves and two rails per shelf, there’s plenty of room for hanging your powder coated metalwork to cure, saving you added time and running costs in the process. It’s perfect for a new powder coating business, or a company wishing to expand. With this mighty monster, you’re able to fit small to medium appliances, window and door frame extrusions, outdoor garden tools, bicycle and vehicle frames and parts, hand tools, anti-corrosion items such as valves, fittings, and pipes, office furniture, cabinets, lamp housing… the list goes on and on. So why wait? Get curing! Product Features: Powerful 7.2KW curing oven with double shelf for plenty of storage New and improved Control Panel makes curing quick and easy Made from durable iron and steel with our Monstrous Orange design Bolt Lock system for maximum safety This product can and should be wired to a 32AMP plug. Internal Dimensions: 160cm (H) 84.5cm (W) x 84.5cm (D) Specifications: Voltage: 230V / 50Hz Fan Power: 60W x 2 Temperature Range: 0-250 C Air Speed: 2800rpm Power: 7.2KW Temperature Stability: +/-5 Insulated Plate: 7-8cm Insulation: High temperature silicon cotton Dimensions: 199cm (H) x 121.5cm (W) x 101.8cm (D) Internal Dimensions: 160cm (H) 84.5cm (W) x 84.5cm (D) Material: Steel, Iron, Plastic Please be aware that the paintwork on this oven may have some slight cosmetic damage.