Triplo 700 Litre Rainwater Harvesting Tank Techni-Pros

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Product Description The need to store and re-use, or harvest rainwater is becoming increasingly necessary due to falling supplies and increasing prices of fresh water. For many everyday uses such as dish washing, watering the garden or washing the car, we don't need to use purified drinking water from the tap That is where the Triplo rainwater harvesting tank makes sense. Rainwater is a free resource and the rainwater that falls on to your roof can be collected, filtered and then stored in a tank ready for use in a number of applications. Although not suitable for drinking, rainwater can be used in homes for flushing the toilet, in washing machines, for watering the garden, car washing etc. The benefits of rainwater harvesting are that it reduces flooding and overloading of sewers, prolongs appliance lifetimes and beautiful, lush green gardens. The Triplo 700 features and attractive design and is available in a choice of black, brown or green. The tank is manufactured from tough and durable polyethylene which is UV protected and weather resistant. The tank is moulded as a one piece unit for added strength. Dimensions: Length: 1710mm Width: 530mm Height: 1030mm Capacity: 700 Litres / 154 Gallons The Triplo is supplied as with a tap, lockable lid and a rain diverter.