Tuscan 275 Litres Water Butt Techni-Pros

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Product Description This Tuscan water butt provides a Mediterranean feel for your garden whilst still proving practical for water storage. The generous 275 litre capacity is perfect for storing rainwater for activities such as watering plants. Rotationally moulded from polyethylene, this tank is very durable and eye-catching. The water butt is child friendly; with a removable bayonet fit lid. Included in the kit is a plastic hi-flow anti-glug tap and a hole cutter to personally install and fit the tap in a location of your choice. Although this water butt is designed to dunk and fill watering cans at a faster pace, the tap would provide an extra option and easy access to fill watering cans or connect a hose pipe. An additional option (at an additional cost) for this product is the 3P Filter Collector Universal for filtering rainwater from your downpipe. Features Stylish look Low maintenance Height: 1000mm Diameter (at the top): 780mm Diameter (at the bottom): 540mm Included in the Kit Hi-flow plastic tap Child safety lid 3/4" hole cutter for the tap