Wall Water Butt 800 Litres Techni-Pros

SKU: 3P90005KDWT

Uk Mainland Delievery:£9.99

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Product Description This wall tank is specified by professionals where bulk storage capacity (huge 800 litres) and a minimal footprint are required. Available in 4 matte colours, this water butt is perfect for collecting and storing rainwater in your garden. The tanks fits perfectly against walls and included with the water butt are wall brackets to prevent the tank from tilting. Also included with the water butt are x3 ¾” brass threaded ports. One can be used to fit the sturdy plastic tap (included as standard) which allows easy access for watering cans to be filled or a hose pipe to be connected. The other brass ports can be used to connect a rain diverter at the top of the tank, creating access for rainwater to fall into the water butt from the drain pipe and the other port can be used as a connector to an additional tank. An additional option (at an additional cost) for this product is the 3P Filter Collector with Universal Link Kit. This filter is everything you need for collecting water from your downpipe and filter any debris before transferring the water into the tank. Features High capacity & minimal footprint Low maintenance Height: 1790mm Width: 800mm Depth: 600mm Included in the Kit Plastic hi-flow tap Child safety lid Wall bracket and screws Multi hole-saw set M6 stainless washer Rubber grommets Roofing bolt & nut Rimless nylon wall plug